From Spirit into Matter: The Secrets of Destiny Video Classes

The Secrets of Destiny video class consists of 26 short video teachings by Svetlana Pritzker, Intentional Creativity Life Coach. During this class you will see Svetlana’s creative process as she invokes the Cosmic Buddha and brings this Radiant Being into the material world. This project is a result of Svetlana’s collaboration with a visual artist Alexandra Isaievych Mason


As you progress through the class videos, we invite you to journal and paint along. It will help you experience a burst of creativity, learn how to visually express your thoughts and feelings, and find the space and time to unlock your artistic power using elements of Intentional Creativity method pioneered by Maestra Shiloh Sophia McCloud. 

© 2019 by Alexandra Isaievych Mason and Svetlana Pritzker