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Alexandra Isaievych

Alexandra Isaievych is a visual artist who combines extensive training both in visual arts and dance, and many diverse interests, including a Master’s degree in economic policy. Alexandra’s explorations and creative expression are dedicated to continuous discovery and deepening trust in intuition and inner knowing according to each person’s unique life path.

Fine Art and Human Design Explorations


Svetlana Pritzker

Svetlana Sophia Pritzker is a Visionary Artist, an author of more than 30 books, and Intentional Creativity Coach. Initiated by her life-changing experiences in Peru, Thailand, and Nepal, Svetlana blends her natural psychic abilities and unique Life Coaching, to empower her clients and students to resolve the most complicated and entangled issues in their lives.

For personal Destiny Paintings, Life Purpose Readings, and consultations on how to use Intentional Creativity in your relationships, business, or artistic endeavors, contact Svetlana at +1-847-414-3730  or  

Life Purpose and Relationship Consultations

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