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Game of Choices

To receive a transformational gift


Starting Our Journey

Our vision is to co-create The Game of Choices, a fun spiritual platform for rapid spiritual growth and a significant shift in how we respond to life. Our Game originates in the I Ching intelligence. It is designed to expand our awareness beyond mundane realities and initiates a multidimensional shift. Roving through the Ascended Masters pathways, you engage with the six levels of sixty-four archetypal dares within I Ching as they manifest within your Body, Soul, and Spirit.

The exploratory levels are Re-Coding Reality Fractals, Quirky Tricksters Dares, Crystal Clear Amplifiers, Quantum Attunement Chambers, Magi Alignment Keys, and Star Gate Flow Oracles. The life trials and errors are personified through the transformational immersion using the Elements of Life Dream encounters with the Whimsical Wild Vedic books for grown-ups and their children. These developmental tools form the foundation of our Game of Choices, the Ascended Masters' Path.
As you engage with the archetypal dimensions and alchemical formulas of the Game of Choices, you learn to direct all elements of life into an alignment with your destiny and make choices that support life.

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