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Summit Package

Infinite Flow Energy Reading

Lose Your Doubts, Find Your Flow:  30 min session with Svetlana Pritzker, Intentional Creativity Coach, Author, Artist

Value $100


The purpose of this session is to uncover the “BRAND YOU” and bring it into the world without fears and struggles. Mix and match different topics, ask any questions you want, and learn about your Genetic Blueprint and how to use your energy more efficiently.

Schedule a thirty 30 minute phone consultation that will help you accomplish your goals without doubts and procrastination. Please contact Svetlana directly to schedule your session. Please provide the date, time, and place of your birth before your session.


Cosmic Buddha: Creative Journey from Spirit into Matter

Self-discovery video course in 26 simple steps

Value $79

Link to a private video viewing page


This self-discovery video course consists of 26 short video prompts by Svetlana Pritzker, Intentional Creativity Teacher, and Coach. During this course, you are invited to follow a creative process that invokes the Cosmic Buddha within you. This video course will help you bring an expression of your Radiant Being onto the canvas. This project is a result of Svetlana’s collaboration with a visual artist Alexandra Isaievych Moss.


The Ultimate Love Affair E-book

A practical guide to a long-lasting loving relationship with yourself and others

Value $12.99

Printable PDF digital file


This book offers a concise, easy to follow method for instantaneous letting go of any limiting thinking and reprograms your conscious for self-love, self-appreciation, and self-acceptance. Using these practical tools will help you experience authentic love, intimate relationships, and deep commitment.



The Batty Trio E-Book

Value $9.99

Printable PDF digital file


This story is part of the sixty-four Whimsical Tales from the Wild Hearts series. Following the animal trio in the quest for their voice, you learn from their struggles, lessons, and relationships. Their magical journey teaches you to trust your intuition and support others in being genuine. This story will empower you and your children to be authentic and live fully in every moment.


Free Gift:

Elements of Life: Insightful Color Workbook 

Value $14.99
Printable PDF digital file


The Elements of Life: Insightful Color workbook teaches about eight essential elements of creation. It guides you through contemplative practices using colors, shapes, and words that positively transform how you engage with the creative process of life. It consists of ten colorful fractal images that help stimulate your energy flow, ten pages of poetic awakening codes, and ten journaling inquiry pages. Bonus: two insightful coloring pages.

My Miraculous Body: Healing and Balancing Meditation
Value $9.99
MP3 download

This digital download is part of our Sacred Metamorphosis collection. It provides excellent day-to-day support for optimal health, wellness, and positive transformation. Using it with any nutritional balancing program can help you naturally cleanse and replenish your body, mind, and spirit. This gift initiates profound positive transformation in every area of your life.
Affirmations in this mp3 download will help you:
 •    Improve body awareness and mental clarity
•    Stay focused, cleanse harmful impurities from your system, burn fat, and build muscle
•    Experience safe and immediate results

Summit Package

  • You will receive a download link to a .zip folder. The folder contains  an instruction page for scheduling your session,  the link to the video course, 3 PDF book files, and MP3 meditation file

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